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What is Bindcover
Online Crowd Underwriting?

Bindcover Online Crowd Underwriting is a B2B risk exchange platform specially made for Brokers, Insurance, and Reinsurance Companies to place and underwrite risks, especially high value and tailor-made risks.

Utmost good faith is one of insurance
principles, therefore TRUST is our believe.

We Do Not replace the Human touch. We are Empowering insurance ecosystem.

What are the advantages of
Crowd Underwriting?



No worries, all of your data will be securely saved and encrypted in our storage. Need more guarantee? We proudly present you our B-Pin, your personal authentication security concept.



Digitalized version of risk placement and underwriting is here. With centralized data storage, you don't have to waste your precious time and energy to organize your works. You will also find many other convenient here. So what are you waiting for?



In our ecosystem, you will meet with many licensed companies in Insurance industry. Bigger network and more opportunities? Why not?



Welcome to the next-generation of underwriting. Say no to complicated conventional things and save your money, time, and your lovely environment. Enjoy many features with considerably small fees!

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